Document Storage

Box Level


Flat Rate Storage that is ideal for customers who have files that they will not need to access.

File Level


Includes storage boxes and cataloging services that are ideal for those customers who have files that may only need to be accessed occasionally.

Document Level


Includes detailed cataloging services tailored for customers who may have individual files that may need to be accessed.

Document Retrieval


Customers need document/file retrieval, print out our service request form, complete it, and fax it to our office (912-807-9942).

We will pick up and/or deliver the requested files from your office.

If you are preparing files to store with us, print out our box inventory form to record your materials, complete it, and fax it in to our office (912-807-9942).

Contact Us

Sentry Data Management LLC

436 Nichols Street, Blackshear, GA 31516, US

(912) 807-9904


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